• My flickr (where more current photography of mine resides)
  • My old DeviantArt (where older photography, poetry, other writing, some art of mine reside)

I’ve been interested in photography for a while. In high school, I took photo classes after school and then began self-teaching more and more.  In college, I worked as a photographer for the school newspaper, The Eagle, and eventually became the photography editor there. I used to think maybe I wanted to make a career out of taking photos, but mostly I just like it as a hobby. Photography is a stress reliever, a way to channel my creativity, and a way to document my experiences and the world around me. I thought I would make a page linking to some of my more favorite photos. Enjoy!

Washington, DC


New Zealand




  • JUST A NOTE –  The photos on this blog, unless otherwise stated and attributed, are mine and taken by me. If you want to use any photo you see in this site, please shoot me an email at kelly.a.barrett [at] I would love for you to use something, but would like to know where you do. Bt-dubs, in case you’re wondering, I shoot with a Canon Rebel Xt 8.0 megapixel (pictured above). She’s an old girl, but she serves me well. I use a standard 18-55mm lens and a 50mm macro for the food/other close-up photography. I’m no professional. If you would like to make any donations to the “Kelly Needs a New Camera Fund,” please drop me an email. :]
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