New Zealand

I just loved New Zealand.

I took this at dusk the first night a couple friends and I drove from Christchurch headed west. We pulled over every 5 minutes to take pictures. The sky was absolutely beautiful. There wasn’t a car or a person in sight. I remember thinking, “I might never see something this gorgeous again.” It was one of those moments you can’t decide if you want to just soak up as long as possible, or snap a picture.  Shot June 7th, 2009.

There are heaps of sheep in New Zealand. Shot in June 2009.

I took this photo as we were hiking Fox Glacier in New Zealand. They showed us this map of the glacier, how much it has receded since the mid-1800s and still is. It was a really scary but beautiful moment, just because you think of all of the daily activities we go about doing at home with little to no thought, while all the while in corners of the world the blatant evidence of the effects are being seen. We drive our cars and live in our energy burning palatial homes and this glacier slowly melts away. Shot in June 2009.

New Zealand really felt like a magical place.


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