“It appears to me necessary to every physician to be skilled in nature, and to strive to know, if he would wish to perform his duties, what man is in relation to the articles of food and drink, and to his occupations, and what are the effects of each of them to every one.”
– Hippocrates


Currently working as a digital associate at Spectrum, I get exposed to all sorts ways of improving health, infertility resources, RNAi technology, health coaching group, autism awareness, rare disease research…the list goes on. I have learned so much working with these diverse clients.

But personally, the area I have always been interested in is nutrition and the food-mind-body connection. On this page you can find the health columns I wrote during my time as health columnist for my alma mater’s student newspaper, The Eagle.

Nearby yoga studios offer variety of styles (4-21-10)

I look at four different yoga types at three local D.C. yoga studios and review both the style and the studio, talking about what I liked about each.


Allergic to food or just intolerant? (4-7-10)

Outlines the difference between food intolerance and food allergy, the importance of this difference and how to eat your way around them for maximum health and overall wellness

Eat locally to improve health and save environment (3-24-10)

A look at what we can do as consumers to make small efforts toward changing our food system for the better

Improve cafeteria food for healthier kids (3-4-10)

Our broken food system, what truly lies at the heart of the real obesity problem in America

Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign neglects crucial body image issues (2-17-10)

A look at this campaign and the problems it could invite with regard to poor body image

How to make yourself happier using your own strengths (2-3-10)

How to use concepts of positive psychology to improve your mood, and, I argue, your overall health as well

Feast on a new state of mind this Thanksgiving (11-22-09)

Mindful eating around the holidays can be hard, but it allows you to enjoy and savor foods without overindulging

Truth about tanning beds should deter any sun-lover (11-8-09)

My extremely difficult to make pledge to give up tanning beds, and why it’s such an important issue

Exercise your body for a more productive brain (10-25-09)

A look at how exercise can boost your brain power and actually improve productivity

Keep health costs low, know plan beforehand (10-7-09)

Tips on understanding your health insurance in order to take control of personal finances

Keeping healthy starts with proper prevention (9-23-09)

A look at how to avoid the flu and other seasonal sicknesses just by following a few common sense preventative measures

Being healthy goes beyond looking fit (9-9-09)

My first column, which introduces me and talks about what I hope to cover in coming year in the column.


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