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The simple things in life…

This week and weekend had some up’s and down’s. But, luckily, it was mostly up’s. And I got through the down’s by embracing some of the simple pleasures.

Last Wednesday, I got pretty sick. I got two hours of sleep Tuesday night, then paid for it. My body doesn’t like not getting sleep. I didn’t go into my internship, which made me feel pathetically useless considering I was just out for the entire snowmageddon. However, I did some work from home–you can check out a little post about I wrote here–Two options for tap water at Vancouver Olympics: One is free, the other is Dasani. Friday, my spirits were lifted when I went to walk my new favorite dog, Timber. I love him, so, so much. Look at that face…

Then, Friday night, my PR Portfolio class had our fundraiser at the Town Tavern, and had a great turnout. I’m so grateful for everyone that came out to party and donated–we raised $541 dollars for the Arlington Academy of Hope. It was a great time.

Saturday, I caught up with my sis, Katie. We had planned on going to Founding Farmers, which is a restaurant I have been to for brunch on the weekend before, but never dinner. It’s a great restaurant. It’s LEED (gold) certified, gets produce from local farmers, composts food waste, and all sorts of other terrific stuff. But, what we didn’t consider was that a lot of other people think it’s great too-which is a good thing! Anyhow, there was a 2-hour wait when we arrived, starving, so we ended up getting Indian food at Aroma nearby. We will have to make reservations and head back to Founding Farmers another time. (Founding Farmers–I just love that name.)

This morning, I woke up and began job-searching and before I knew it I had been staring into the bleak abyss of the internet for four hours and felt completely hopeless. You know when you feel like you are trying to do too much but aren’t doing well at anything? That’s how I felt.

So I avoided a total meltdown by doing two things I can always count on in such situations: 1) I re-organized the kitchen and 2) I called my mom. My mom is always there to bring me back down to Earth when I am on cloud nine–but, on the flip side, when I’m down, she’s the best at picking me back up. She said a lot of comforting things and had some great advice for places I should look at and apply. But, the best advice she gave me came right before we hung up:

“You know what you should do?” (I waited with bated breath for the 57th reminder about “You should get a crock pot.”

Best. Advice. Ever.

With a crockpot, I can just chop up all my vegetables and throw ’em in there in the morning or on the weekend, and then not have to worry or think about cooking. Then I’ll have healthy, delicious, home-cooked goodness throughout the week! So this afternoon on my way home from Bikram, I stopped by Best Buy and got myself a 3-qt slow cooker.

I guess the moral of this post is this: when it all seems too overwhelming and your brain hurts from too much thinking, take a step back, talk to someone you love, take a dog for a walk, buy a crock pot.

And if you already have a crock pot…what’s your favorite thing to cook in it? Leave it in the comments, I need ideas! =]