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Strengthening the Farmer-Consumer Relationship

For my Visual Strategies in PR class, we were asked to choose a nonprofit organization that was holding an event in the future and design a Save-the-date card, a poster, and a brochure to promote it. I decided to tweak the assignment a bit, and my professor gave me the OK.

I had this idea in my mind of a large-scale farmer’s market where sustainable agriculture was promoted and farmers were able to essentially “sell themselves” and the idea of local farming to their potential customers. The Green Festival was similar to this, only that was much broader, had more speakers and seemed almost more exclusive in my mind—like a place where only those who were really into ecofriendly products and ideas would go. I wanted something that people just walking along the National Mall in D.C. could see, walk through, and then get information. I wanted average people that shop at grocery stores to get engaged in a conversation with a farmer or a rancher. The thing was, nothing like this really has ever existed, at least not to my knowledge. So I just made it up. I decided I would have the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition be the sponsor of the event. I designed the save-the-date and the poster, and around when I was finishing up the poster, the real essence of the event blossomed in my mind, which was great because I needed that blossom to happen in order to make the brochure work.

Anyhow, here is the brochure that came out of my inspiration, you can view it in Issuu. Even though it’s not for a real event, that sort of doesn’t matter, because this brochure is more concept-focused than event-focused. I hope it informs or inspires you or makes you think, or even changes your actions.

Farmers Festival Or you can download this PDF.

On a somewhat related note, the exhaustion I was feeling while finishing up this semester is being completely overshadowed this week after being asked to join the communications team at Food and Water Watch next month. Their mission is 100% in line with everything I care about, including the aforementioned local agriculture stuff. So I will definitely keep this blog updated on the things I get to do at that internship. In the meantime, if I hooked you at all with my brochure, check out their site and find out more about how local food from small farms is the healthier, safer, and more ecofriendly food to eat.