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An ode to water and a call to action

Reporter: “Water is awesome. Do you know how I know? Because I’m 70 percent water, and I am awesome.”

(Recent quote on one of my favorite sites ever, Overheard in the Newsroom.)

Food and water, they go hand in hand. Basically all food is made up of a huge percentage of water. Water sustains us. You can survive for weeks without eating (theoretically—I mean, I can’t survive until noon without eating). But after just a couple days without water, your body will start to go into some serious shock. In fact, the other day at The Eagle office, the water wasn’t working in the building at all (no idea why), and not only was I super de-hydrated, I felt like my rights as an individual were being taken away!

Unfortunately, water has also been exploited over the past 50 or so years. I am talking about the bottled water industry and the privatization of water. As is customary with the human race, we have managed to take a basic, simple resource and life sustainer and found a way to make a profit at the expense of the environment and our health.

So today I am asking you to do a few things:

  1. If you haven’t already, pledge to give up bottled water. Just, do it. I’m not even going to go into details here because chances are you know all the reasons why bottled water is the devil. Check out Janine’s post on all the reasons you’re a freaking idiot if you are still purchasing bottled water. And check this out for tips on choosing a water filter. If you live in a city with not-so-great water, as I do, it’s helpful. I use a Brita but there’s plenty of other options.
  2. Once you do that, go on Facebook and make this your profile picture…and then go here and find out more about World Water Day on March 22nd. 
  3. Mosey over to Diana’s site and participate in Project Hydrate and pledge to drink more water—from the tap, of course. 😉
  4. Educate yourself on how private control of water hurts consumers and helps no one except giant corporations.
  5. Tell a friend, link back to this, or post something on your blog about the upcoming World Water Day.

Do you still drink bottled water? Be honest. If so, why? Let’s get to the bottom of this!

Happy drinking from the tap!


S.O.S.: This is a global call.

You better make a stand
You better make it now
Take back your rights from the IMF, World Bank and Monsanto

When they wage war on you, you lay asleep
When they poison your food, you choose to drink
There’s poison in the well!
– Anti-flag

While I was down in Florida last week, for the first time I started to notice advertisements for the genetic engineering company Monsanto, who “pledges to be part of the solution.” Perhaps, if you define “the solution” as pumping bodies full of genetically engineered foods while the profits of food items (which are steadily increasing due to the price gouging of seeds sold by said company to farmers) are pumped into the hands of one corporation, and our already dwindling farmland is wiped out even more. We shop at grocery stores because it is a) convenient and b) cheap. I am terrified to see how “cheap” food will be in ten years, even 5 years, as farmland disappears more and more. We all know the basic principle of supply and demand. Monsanto won’t care, they will have what they need–control of the seeds (our food), control of the government which essentially taxes and regulates agriculture (our food) and control of the people who do the farming, because they can no longer afford to farm any other way.

When a friend of mine and I went to the Green Festival about a month ago, we met Joel Salatin, the author of Everything I Want to Do is Illegal, here. He wrote about his hardships being a small farmer, trying to deal with the restrictions and fees and taxes that the government places upon them. We told him about our Practical Environmentalism class and he was really excited that we were learning about these issues. He signed copies of his book for us and wrote, “Thank you for being part of the solution.”

Monsanto is not part of any solution worth being a part of.

Our farmers, and more generally, our global food system, is in crisis. There are videos about this topic all over the Internet and books everywhere. I suggest beginning with this one, or this one if you are in the mood for something “lighter”.

I mean, our government can be very corrupt, both sides of the aisle and in between. Government is corrupt all over the planet. This shouldn’t be condoned, ever, but when the corruption really strikes a nerve with me is when it comes to issues of our planet, and specifically, our food. Food shouldn’t be treated as a special interest. It’s a requirement for life. If our food system falls apart, which it inevitably could if these genetically engineered seeds replace biodiversity and natural growth, the human species would cease to exist.

That isn’t alarmism, it’s just fact.