Local Eats

The way I see it, if you can buy food fresh, tastier, more local, and often more inexpensively, why not do it? The problem is that of course not everything grows everywhere at all times. Planning out what you will be able to buy from your farmers market or get from your CSA will help you determine what you don’t need to get at the grocery store. For example, I buy carrots locally in the winter, because they taste better and are more nutritious and don’t have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to get to my kitchen.

This infographic from Fast Company is super helpful, although not as comprehensive as far as not-so-traditional fruits and veggies. I will work on posting some of those, but what is in season where I live in Washington, DC may not be in season where you live at the same time. Just something to keep in mind.

My goal is to try to post different “recipes” I invent and things I cook up with local ingredients. Stay tuned for more, it will take me a while to build up any sort of collection here.

Dishes by the seasons…





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  1. I like the concept of the chart. I also agree that it is important to buy locally and what is in season. It bothers me how detached conventional grocery stores have become from the actual FARM and environment. Here in California, we have decent weather that provides us with a wide spectrum of foods year round – yet sometimes there are still avocados from Mexico or oranges from Florida piling on shelves in the produce department. Why do we need shipments of food if it is growing in our own back yards or on farmland that is within driving distance to us? It’s such a shame to supply those foods that have traveled sometimes thousands of miles and picked before truly ripe.


  2. Posted by cararosaen on April 4, 2011 at 2:29 PM

    Have you seen http://www.realtimefarms.com yet – awesome resource for finding all things fresh, in real-time, as the seasons change! We just relaunched, and I think you’d find it pretty sweet!

    We will be making most of our data available for public use so that more of these infographics can be generated from real-time data we collect from across the country!


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