I don’t know the young boy’s name, but the man’s name is Soro. That isn’t his son, but they both live in the village of Waya Lai Lai, an island in the Yasawas of Fiji. I like this photo, because it reminds me of that day. I walked into the village by myself, and instantly these boys came running up, “BULA! Bula!!,” they yelled, all smiles. I don’t think they understood enough English to understand me, but one of the boys started reaching at my wrist, which had this sparkly headband wrapped around it. I took it off and told him to take it, and they both seemed so excited. I like to imagine they ran off to find some way to entertain themselves with some object so simple and meaningless to me, like children often do. Maybe sling-shotting each other with it or something. Soro took me inside a woman’s home and she made me a wonderful bracelet and he sliced up sweet papaya and we all sat and talked for a while. Despite the poor conditions they all lived in compared to my standards, they were so happy. They were so proud of their homes and their village and so happy to have me there.

Shot July 1, 2009.

Will post more soon…


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