This was shot with I believe a Nikon–it was a point-and-shoot whatever it was, an underwater camera that they had on board the boat we were on the first time I went SCUBA diving. The first time I remember being really excited about it, then really scared once I had to breathe underwater, and then really excited, and then completely freaked out. So my first dive was just bad, and I made up my mind I wasn’t going to try the dive in the arvo. But then, one of the other instructors, Simon, told me I definitely had to do the second dive. And I’m not typically one to let men convince me to hold their hand in order to feel safe, but I was that day apparently. And I did the dive, and it was amazing, and eventually I let go. And then, 5 months later, after having earlier plans interrupted due to a car accident, I did four more dives in Fiji, and got my PADI open water license.

Shot on the outer Great Barrier Reef near Cairns, Australia in February, 2009.

Will post more soon…


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