Portabella Mushroom Burger with Kale Chips

OK. Sorry for you mushroom haters out there. You are seriously missing out. The dinner I made tonight is literally as good if not better than what you would pay $15-20 for at a restaurant. Seriously.

This dinner is for a balsamic grilled portabella sandwich with kale chips.

I’ll do a step by step for the meal in case anyone wants to recreate because it is that good.

  1. Preheat oven to 365 degrees. I just like that number. Take stems off kale (you don’t have to be that picky about this, but if they are super thick, pull those stems out.) Rub olive oil (the more expensive the better they will taste) onto the the kale leaves, sprinkle with salt/pepper, laying them in a single layer on a baking sheet.
  2. Break stem off of the portabella mushroom. Place into a bowl (underside up) and pour in enough balsamic vinegar to soak all the ribs of the mushroom. Then pour about half that much olive oil. The exact amount doesn’t really matter. The ratio for me was about 2 parts balsamic for 1 part olive oil. Then sprinkle with salt and pepper. This only needs to sit for about 3-5 minutes. (Later on, you can save the extra dressing for a salad–it’s not like it’s been in meat.)
  3. While it sits, put the kale in the oven. The kale chips will take about 10 minutes in the oven.
  4. Then, put the burger on the grill (I used the George Foreman). Let it grill for about 5 minutes. Then top with some lovely thick slices of red onion. Let that grill for an extra 3 minutes.
  5. Right after you top the mushroom with the onion, hollow out your bun (if necessary). The baker suggested I do this to make the burger sit better in the bun. It worked well. Toast the bun.
  6. Now, the kale should be ready to come out, so take it out. And turn off the grill, as the burger/onion should be done.
  7. Lastly, dress the bun/burger however you want. I put a dab of mayo on one side and about a tablespoon or two of the pineapple salsa I showed last post on the other side.

This dinner was fabulous, if I do say so myself. This dinner made me think, hey, I can cook. Usually I cook things and it’s…fine…but there is some caveat like I should have added a little something different, or I overcooked something, or whatever. This dinner is clearly either foolproof–or I am getting better at cooking.

Those fancy organic, locally picked ‘bellas cost $2.50 a piece, but when you take the time to prepare them and enjoy different flavors, it’s so worth it. I would rather spend $5 on two burgers that taste like that, than $5 on a box of four frozen bocaburgers that taste like crap. Also, this meal took 10 ingredients, and I cooked it, ate it, and cleaned up in one hour. Plus, there’s lots of protein in the mushroom and lots of vitamins in the kale.

Now that I am all energized–time to write a paper on urban planning and land use! Woo!

10 responses to this post.

  1. This recipe looks great.
    If you love mushrooms, try the mushroom/spinach/bacon risotto in Cooking Light this month.
    We made it for Sunday dinner and it was amazing!


    • hmm…I don’t do bacon but could just leave that out. my mom sent me a risotto recipe the other day. I love risotto, its fantastic.


  2. Just bookmarked this post – I love using my George Foreman, but I’ve never made a portabella burger on it before!


  3. Posted by Jacquie on April 12, 2010 at 11:04 PM

    Yum! Good job girl- it looks wonderful. I just wished my stomach could take mushrooms. For some reason, my body can’t break them down so unless they’re chopped finely in a sauce, they’re a no go for me 😦


  4. Saw your profile on another page. Glad I read your intersting and well-written blog. Look forward to following you here. Have a great day. Cheers!


  5. This photo makes it look NOM. The onions look amazing grilled on the Foreman! I’m jealous I couldn’t come. I can’t wait for classes to be over for the summer so we can get together and cook!


  6. These look ah-mazing! I never thought of hollowing out the bun, but such a great idea! I hope I can find some of these at the market this weekend =)


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