Meal Planning For Idiots (Like Me)

Christie over at Honoring Health did a much better job of offering tips about this. I am just going to show you pictures of how I went about planning.

Essentially my thought process went:

  1. I’m going to the farmer’s market.
  2. Ooo. Portabella mushrooms! I haven’t made those in a while. Or ever.
  3. I bought 2 of those.
  4. I bought 2 rosemary buns because that’s what the baker suggested when I asked what was good for a burger bun.
  5. I also bought 2 jars of apple butter, not because I needed 2 jars, but because they were only $2.95, which is about half the price apple butter usually costs.
  6. I also bought red onion, because that goes perfectly on a mushroom burger.
  7. I also bought spinach. Because I like spinach.
  8. I also bought kale because kale chips + portabella mushroom burgers sounds like a dream.
  9. I also bought chimichurri because I tasted it and it was fantastic. And could be wonderful on a ‘bella burger.
  10. I also bought pineapple-sweet onion salsa for the same reason, and because if you bought 2 sauces, the price for each went down.
  11. I also bought sunglasses ($3), which were without a doubt made in a sweatshop in China. Eh. No one’s perfect. And I needed new sunnies. [By the way: Here’s a good joke. What’s worse–selling Chinese sweatshop sunglasses at a farmer’s market OR selling Dole bananas at one (as the AU farmer’s market was doing last Wednesday.) SIGH.]
  12. Get home, make a list of everything I have. Which reminded me I still had veggies in my fridge from last week.
  13. Figure out what I could do with everything.
  14. Take photos of everything.
  15. (If you aren’t a blogger, feel free to skip step 14.)

Is anyone else disappointed at the farmers’ market lately? I know, I know. I am supposed to embrace the seasonality. But it’s a rough time of year because things like carrots are gone, and apples are slowly turning expensive and not as delicious—and there’s still no berries or tomatoes or any of that summertime stuff. Because, well, it’s not summer…yet.

I like to call it…in-betweasons.


Who would win in a boxing match: honey or agave?

I hated this cottage cheese. End up tossing it all. Blech. Is organic cottage cheese always..gross?

You haven’t had yogurt ’til you’ve had Greek yogurt.

QUESTION OF THE DAY. YOU MUST ANSWER. I have to make a big important decision. Mom says she wants to buy me a birthday gift and I’m not one to turn down gifts. I told her a blender would be  nice, or a food processor. Jacquie suggested that I get a handheld mixer…and another friend told me I should get a Vita-Mix. Which would be great if my mom wanted to spend approximately 600 dollars so I could make a smoothie once a week.  Anyone have a suggestion for a blender/food processor combo? What do you have? One of each would be OK, as long as they are good quality and the total combined price is less than $200-ish.

QUESTION OF THE DAY #2: What’s your take on mushrooms? Because apparently everyone in my apartment HATES mushrooms (You guys are crazy) and it would be NICE to eat with someone else. Sigh. I suppose I could just make one tonight, one tomorrow.  I’m currently begging for a friend. New low? This is literally the only part that sucks about being single–not having a dining partner!

OK. End post. Happy Monday, all!

8 responses to this post.

  1. Mushrooms = gross. Fungus!

    Pineapple sweet onion salsa, however; sounds amazing.


  2. Wooohooo! I especially love tip 14 😉

    I have two separate appliances but Kitchen Aid makes a blender with food processor attachment that might work for you. I want to say it is in the $100 to $150 range.


  3. Oh my goodness I LOVE mushrooms!

    I have a blender that comes with a small, 3-cup food processor attachment, which is big enough for me. It works really well! I’m not at home at the moment and don’t know the brand off the top of my head, but something like that might work well for you!


  4. I’m not really a mushroom girl unless they are cooked – and I don’t usually cook them myself.

    I have a cheap-o blender that works fine, not great. It was like 20 bucks from Target. I have a nice Cuisinart food processor and I don’t use it as much as the blender, but it is invaluable for hummus, dressings, and banana soft serve – however, I did already burn the motor out once on this, and returned it and got a new one (it has a good warranty). I also have a immersion blender thingy that was also cheap and it is good for making soups and sauces.


  5. Posted by Jen on April 12, 2010 at 10:35 AM

    I don’t think I tell you often enough how great you are. You are great. Fantastic blog post. I can pick up the boyfriend slack!!!


    • 🙂 🙂 thanks love.


      • Posted by Jen on April 12, 2010 at 7:34 PM

        Also, “everyone” in your apartment hates mushrooms?! Who else lives with us!? Are you hiding some secret fellow mushroom-hating roommates that I don’t know about!? KELLY!

    • Oh you know…like everyone in the apartment building. I refer to Mike and Charlie as apartment-mates. Because they’re mates in the apartment. yknow?

      by the way. I just cooked one up. it was DIVINE.


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