Review: Blue Ridge in Glover Park

Wow. So much blog-worthy stuff happening right now. Not sure where to start.

Let’s start with dinner, obviously. So as I mentioned, Joe and I tried out this Blue Ridge place in Glover Park. It was surprisingly empty, I thought, for a Sunday night. But hey, I guess we’re in a recession. I support people’s decision to eat at home. It in no way reflected poor food, because the food ended up being delicious(!). There was one minor hiccup. No wait, two. First was that we discovered that the menu had no seafood on it (except for oysters—which I have had an aversion to ever since that Mr. Bean episode where he…eh, just watch.) It was strange because the online menu had calamari, catfish, salmon pate, bluefish, lobster (all with the sustainable seal of approval *wink*). So me, being the difficult pescatarian that I am, felt like a huge pain in the you-know-what asking our server, basically, “What’s up with that?” She told me something about it being Sunday and they are trying to push the Prixe Fixe to which I basically responded, “No roast beef for me, lady, gimmee some seafood.” And then she said, “But we do have two artic char tonight, served over a bed of lentils…” to which I said, “Perfect!” Being picky will get you everywhere.

We ordered the sweet potato fritters for an appetizer. Holy grassfed cow, they tasted somethin’ magical. Joe ordered the steak which I totally knew he would, and then told me as he was eating how grainfed steak tastes better. I guess I’m not a meat-eater so I wouldn’t really know, but from what I read, eating meat from a cow that’s only ever eaten grass versus one whose gotten real fatty off of corn and grain feed, is like eating two different animals. In terms of taste. I would imagine that grassfed cows taste more like kangaroo or ostrich or something really lean like that. Point is, grassfed beef will give you lots of omega-3’s and less saturated fat and cholesterol which don’t seem to be high on Joe’s priority list. Oh well! Anyhow I will say that my arctic char was cooked perfectly (I’d never had arctic char before, very similar to salmon), the lentils were amazing and really flavorful, and the portions were generous.

So, I’m going to put these pictures up and pretend they aren’t giant blurs that break my photographer heart. Next time I’m not going to feel bad bringing my external flash.

Sweet potato fritters

Arctic char.

OK this is comical. and a steak, I swear.

  • Taste: I mean… A.
  • Atmosphere: Which brings me to the second hiccup of the night, which was when we were done and basically about to leave, when our friend, who I will refer to as Mr. Monsanto, started peepin’ around the corner a few tables away. (We were outside!) You see, Mr. Monsanto was a rat–and while I’m sure that has nothing to do with the food/hygiene of the place, I can’t not dock points for a rat in the eating area. Although I will say I see rats outside of restaurants in this city a lot. Last time it was outside Open City in AdMo. Blech. So, B-. I’m feeling generous.
  • Value: I consider any place that has a cheese/charcuterie menu to be in the fancy realm, and their prices seemed very fair despite this. So, A-.
  • Sustainability: Oooh yeah. Grassfed beef? Arctic char that wins for “Best Choice” from Seafood Watch? A+

All in all, an A-. Which is pretty darn good for me having to finagle our server in order to not eat meat for dinner and having Mr. Monsanto join us at the end. =]

7 responses to this post.

  1. I’m all about the seafood when I eat out, too…being picky can get you some good meals if you’re firm but polite! Sweet potato fritters sound awesome, too. Have a great Monday!


  2. I always take my flash with me.. but feel bad making a bright flash for a photo….


    • hahaa I just said, “Pretend I’m a food writer and I need to take photos!” and then realized, hey, that’s kind of true. good to know other people do bring one–maybe the external is in order!


  3. I find it hard to go out to eat with friends a lot…I know what you mean about being picky. Although it’s not really picky. Can you blame wanting good quality? People will say things like “can you find anything on the menu here” or “I know you don’t usually eat this stuff”…it makes for an awkward situation and then I feel like they think i’m judging them for what they eat. Does this happen to you? I hate feeling like I’m a food snob..I can’t help that poor quality food doesn’t make me feel good! Anyway, I liked reading about this restaurant and grass fed beef [even though it’s been awhile since I’ve eaten it..or any meat!] is SO so so much better!!


    • Right no, I definitely know what you mean. That used to happen to me a lot more when I was a vegetarian, because a lot of time that would literally leave only like the veggie burger or a salad or a baked potato or whatever, which made them feel like I was sitting there starving while they had all kinds of choices. Since I eat seafood now (and prettymuch only eat seafood when I am dining out) it’s not as much of an issue anymore. But! The best is going to a restaurant that has lots of options for meat-eaters and non-meat-eaters alike.

      also, I feel like I have probably never had grassfed beef–the last time I ate meat I was thirteen, and i bet it was grainfed, so no idea what it tastes like!.


  4. Thanks for the review! I’m at Van Ness, so I can definitely see me going there sometime!


    • Awesome! So nice to meet a blogger in the area– I live in Van Ness as well =) Will definitely start following your blog. Where do you go to school?


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