Veggie soup success and my plan for eliminating food waste

I realized last week that I have been spending too much on food. And mostly, I have been buying more food than I need. Which is ridiculous and basically the antithesis of everything I stand for. So I am cutting that out. I am going to try this week to, instead of promising myself that I will make my lunch every night, just do it now, on Sunday, when I have time. That way it’s all set to go. I even got my matzo crackers all broken up for my snacks to bring. And no, those aren’t sliced up apples, that would be gross, they’re dried apple slices. Anyhow, my sandwiches are made (hopefully they won’t get soggy–talk about food waste FAIL) Whatever I actually don’t mind a PB&J that’s been hanging in the fridge a couple days. SPEAKING OF WHICH did everyone see that article about the woman who kept the Happy Meal and a year went by and it still hadn’t changed at all??! GROSS.)

So this is pretty much what I eat for lunch and snacks in a week. Plus all meals Wednesday when I’m gone all day. Does it look like a lot? Doesn’t look like much variety. But there’s lots of veggies in the soup.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about that.

Hi my name’s Kelly and I am a food photog n00b! (Wipe the sides clean next time, der!)

Anyhow it came out well. I served it over some brown rice since I never ended up adding potatoes and have lots of rice to use up. It was very very good. Even on a warm day. Seems odd to cook soup on a hot day but this worked.

Must be off now. Getting dinner with fellow blogger extraordinaire Joe. He’s pretending he wants me to try this restaurant Blue Ridge just because he knows I am into sustainable seafood and all that. But really, he subconsciously wants to be a local foodie himself. I will have him converted soon enough.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Too funny about wiping down the side of the bowl 😉 I hate wasting food as well…I rarely throw stuff away, but sometimes the leftovers just don’t all get eaten! We’re doing a pretty good job though!


  2. I heard about that Happy Meal…GROSSS!

    Also, with my new job, the snack taxi’s are working out superbly! I washed one in the laundry with the delicates last weekend and it came out fine. Oh, and I’m sorry to say my Vera Bradley lunch bag has begun falling apart inside (I have had it for over 3 years now!) All the plastic lining is ripped and what not, probably from forks begin tucked in. Such a bummer. I may need to find a replacement.


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