Reporting back on food spending

Well. It’s the moment of truth. Last week, I told you I was going to keep track of all the money I spent on food. So I did. And here’s the breakdown.

Friday, March 12 – Went to Giant, bought too much really, intended to only get the “essentials” like peanut butter, bread (which, as I didn’t even need to get eat because I bought bread at the market so I froze this bread), jelly (again, didn’t need to get), pickles (I never buy pickles, not sure about the decision–never shop while experiencing strange cravings), salt (definitely needed that), soy milk, matzo crackers, cream cheese, cuc’s, strawberries. – $52.18

Saturday, March 13 – Went to Farmers Market and bought all that stuff I pictured last week – $33.75

Then Wednesday came and I was up late Tuesday writing a paper (and by up late I mean I slept from 10pm to midnight, then 7-8am, which apparently is now my customary routine.) The point is, I woke up and had to run to an interview and then meet with my dean to read him a speech I entered into this commencement speaker contest and so anyway I didn’t have a lunch prepared. My school is pretty awesome and unique in that we have a mini farmers market on campus on Wednesdays, which is rather fitting as that is the only day I’m ever on campus. So I went there and picked up some snacks (dried cranberries and apples–which I still haven’t finished–and challah bread which I shared with the Eagle office in part to prevent myself from consuming the entire loaf) and then later on I bought a salad with black beans because let’s be real, eating nothing but carbohydrates all day is just not fulfilling. So, salad plus farm goodies – $17

(Now, considering I started this tally on Friday, I would think the last day would be Thursday. So we will disregard the fact that I forgot the salad I specifically made to bring with me on Friday to work and instead had to go to Whole Foods and spend $7 at the salad bar. Oh well.)

This puts my grand total for March 12-18 at:


Which is pretty much what I estimated I have been spending.

All in all, I honestly think I am buying too much food. I don’t think I am spending too much on the food that I buy, I just think I am buying so much that I’m not eating everything I buy that week, and then I am also having to throw away the stuff that goes bad, usually veggies. I am overestimating how much I am going cook and eat. I need to just buy enough for one week at a time, (obviously except for things like spices or big bags of rice or whatever.) So I am glad I did this because it taught me three important things I need to work on to curb my spending and reduce and hopefully completely eliminate the food that I waste–while not changing the quality of the food I buy:

  1. I need to buy smaller quantities of food, especially bread and vegetables.
  2. I need to make my lunches/meals for the next day the night before and I need to remember to bring those meals!
  3. I need to plan better what I am going to make as my “main meal with leftovers” so that I only buy the ingredients I will use.

It’s still important to mention that my opinion still stands, I would rather spend more on food than other things. For crying out loud, half my paycheck this week went directly to the food I put in my mouth (I say 30 percent of my total “income” because my parents help me with most of my rent right now and I include that as income.) And a lot of times I share the food that I buy, or cook a meal that is shared. But usually that’s balanced out by the food people share with me.

Anyhow, it’s a gorgeous day. I think I will throw some things in the crockpot and go outside and read in the sunshine.

How’s the weather where you are? I hope wonderful. And I hope everyone at Fitbloggin‘ is having so much fun! I wish I was there meeting you all!

3 responses to this post.

  1. What a great idea! I probably spend about the same amount..which is a lot but I’ve always refused to do the ramen/tuna/easy mac college kid thing. Anyway, lots of what you spent on stuff like pickles, jelly and cream cheese will last you lots longer than just a week.
    Over the summer I got really good at meal planning and it totally helped me eat really healthy while wasting less stuff– because I’d find recipes with similar ingredients and use up all of what I bought. Also I spent a lot less on impulse buys because I’d write down everything I needed and more or less stick to it. Now I struggle to have the time to really sit down and plan things out even though I (and my wallet) would benefit tons from it!

    Sorry I was in such a daze when we ran into each other last night!


  2. Posted by Susan on March 20, 2010 at 10:17 PM

    ok, first that is way too much spending on food—just like Lauren says, MAKE A LIST, keep an ongoing
    list in the kitchen and ONLY buy when you are OUT of something. no more pickles and jelly, etc unless it is gone…..I made a new year’s resolution this year to do just that and i think we have saved alot on the food bills so far this year….i don;t go to the store unless i have the list and I have stopped guessing oh are we out of this?, instead, it doesn;’t get bought unless someone wrote it on the list!!! you will see how much you will save not buying those things you really don;t need!


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