Review: Perry’s in Adam’s Morgan (the search for sustainable seafood in D.C. continues)

I live in D.C. and I have been searching far and wide for a sushi place that offers seasonal produce and meats and sustainably-caught seafood. Last night, I found one, Perry’s in Adam’s Morgan, that offers some local produce and meat, from farms in the Dupont Freshfarm and a place called Ecofarms in Landham, MD. However, understandably, clearly not ALL the produce in, because avocados are not grown around here—however let’s hope at least they came from Florida and not somewhere in Mexico. I don’t know about the seafood, it doesn’t appear remotely sustainable to me, unless they’d like to prove me wrong. So, if you have recommendations for sushi in DC that is sustainable, please do share! Even if you know of a place not in D.C., do share.

Anyhow, last night my good friend from Australia, Bradly, was in town. He is traveling and stopped in D.C. for a little while, mostly to see me, I’d say 🙂 Our favorite place to eat out in Brisbane was the Sushi Train. Which is basically a chain-type restaurant, and if you’ve never been to one of those, you sit at the bar and the sushi chug-chugs by and you pick up a dish with a plate color that corresponds to its price and you dig in and at the end, you bring your empty plates and pay. It’s good fun. And I love sushi a lot. I think they have these places in the U.S. but not as many as there were in Brisbane it seems.

However, I hate when I bite into sushi with that guilty pleasure of knowing it’s got nasty farm-raised, pink dye-filled salmon in it. So I have been trying to find a place where I can have my salmon and eat it too. Lately I have been sticking to vegetarian sushi for that reason. Actually, the sushi on my campus now, the kind in the little plastic boxes, says it’s sustainable on the label, which I do trust for whatever reason, so I will eat that.

Back to last night. I think Brad was a bit overwhelmed by the menu at Perry’s, and at the prospect of having to order and wait for his food, rather than just grab at it as it passed on a train—but we got the hang of it. They brought the rolls/nigiri out in courses so it made it a little more fun. And I took some droid pics, so bear with me with the poor quality. Didn’t even think to bring my Canon.

I ate a LOT of sushi last night. I ordered:

Perry’s veggie roll (frozen grape, avocado, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, blood orange sauce). It was totally delicious, definitely my favorite. I thought the frozen grape part would be weird, but it was exciting to have a different temperature sensation in there, as strange as that sounds. I like sushi because of all the different textures and flavors together, and having a tiny hint of chill tucked in there was sort of fun and exciting. The presentation was also super fancy and pretty.

I also ordered a Scottish salmon nigiri (no picture), which after doing my research, I shouldn’t have. I know from a letter to the editor I once wrote at FWW that Norwegian salmon is nearly always farm-raised or not sustainably wild-caught (they are getting in to trouble with FTC for advertising it as if it is wild.) But Scottish salmon I didn’t know about. It tasted great, basically melted in my mouth. If that makes any difference. :-/

We both ordered the fish and chips rolls. (flounder, malt vinegar, “french fries,” wasabi tartar) Tasted ah-mazing. Who would have thought they could combine my two favorite dishes into one? But again. Apparently the wrong choice. Flounder is listed on the FWW’s Dirty Dozen list. The Smart Seafood Guide says no flounder. 😦 Wah. I guess I need to do better research, or bring my FWW magnet with me when I go out and plan to eat seafood. Basically let this post serve as a guide for what NOT to order at a sushi restaurant, apparently.

I also got an avocado roll, which was great.

Brad ordered:

A fish n chips roll, like me. And ladies, this is Brad. Yes, he is single. Yes he has an Australian accent. And yes he is looking for an American sponsor. Haha.

A crispy shrimp roll (fried shrimp, pineapple old bay). Hopefully, not suspicious shrimp.

The toro steak roll (seared toro, avocado, scallion, garlic soy)

(By the way, Brad was SHOCKED when this came out. “Is that steak RAW,?” he asked, picking up his chopsticks only to poke at the meat, then pick up the sushi and begin eating. I think he forgot we were in a sushi restaurant for a minute…)

He also ordered the tamago (sweet omelet), and said it was good. Brad is a man of simple tastes. Everything’s just “good” or sometimes, in the case of raw meat (“a bit weird.”)

All in all, I would give Perry’s:

  • A+ for taste
  • A for atmosphere (lively, fun decor, nice waitress, great views of Ad Mo—which last night included a 6-engine brigade putting out a fire across the street—never a dull moment)
  • B- for value (I got a glass of the house wine, 1 nigiri, and 3 rolls for $40 including tip, pricey but not totally unreasonable)
  • C for their sustainability. So I guess they get a B+ overall, but a C in terms of what I’d like to sing praises for in this blog. 😉

Clean up your seafood, Perry’s, and maybe I’ll give you another shot.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Susan on March 7, 2010 at 10:00 AM

    Glad you got out for some good grub—and Bradley’s in town!
    He looks fine by the way, the ole USA must be treating him well?!
    ps I had really tasty snapper last nite at a place we haven’t
    tried before–The Fishery it is called.


  2. Posted by Jacquie on March 7, 2010 at 4:04 PM

    You are too cute. Can you believe I’ve never had sushi? But I’m glad you liked it. I’ll see you soon 🙂


  3. Wow – I give you lots of credit for at least trying! I feel fortunate enough to have several places nearby where I can get some absolutely delicious sushi, but I don’t think there are nearly enough places that I could find one with completely sustainable and local ingredients. We just don’t have that kind of variety 😦


    • Seriously, there aren’t many places. People love sustainable food lately. An all sustainable seafood sushi place would make a killing! Maybe I will open one some day…


  4. […] would love to see him speak so I think I’ll end up going. Also, tomorrow is my birthday and Brad’s birthday so the three of us can have a collective birthday bash out on the […]


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