Chili #1: Finished product

And, through the magic of the Internet….ta da!

It came out well. I think next time I’d love to have something green in there like green pepper or broccoli. It was really tomato-y too. I actually ended up adding the rest of the beans (slow cooker faux pas?) because once it cooked down it lost some thickness. But I was relieved that everything cooked evenly, was afraid the cauliflower was going to get mushy. I wonder if roasting the veggies beforehand next time would make it even tastier…

Reasons why this dish rocks nutritionally:

  • all vegetarian, which means you avoid the bad fats that come with a meat-filled meal, and it has been proven that even if you are an omnivore, replacing traditionally meaty meals with vegetarian ones is a great way to up your vegetable intake and improve your diet
  • paired with rice, provides all your essential amino acids and offers a complete protein, so you can’t even say you are missing out on that from the meat
  • the carrots offer beta-carotene, aka vitamin A (though not as much as an uncooked carrot)
  • the cauliflower and kidney beans pack lots of fiber to fill you up so you don’t crave unhealthy foods after your meal
  • the tomatoes pack lycopene, which has been linked with reduced incidence of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and macular degeneration
  • I’m estimating one serving to be about 250 calories + 1 cup of rice = about 450 calories, a good-sized lunch or dinner

Basically it’s super healthy and super filling. And really not all that expensive. I think I spent about $7.50 on these ingredients (plus a few cents for the spices if we’re really being nit-picky). I will get about 5 meals out of it, making each meal $1.60. Take that, McDonald’s. And sure beats the crap out of that expensive $8/lb salad bar at Whole Foods.

Yay for not having to pack a lunch the rest of this week! =)

3 responses to this post.

  1. Ah, but you can’t knock the salad/hot bar at WF. Its such an indulgence for me. For those lazy lunches where you want to splurge a little. ESPECIALLY when they have tofu stir-frys. But I digress.

    Looks good! Did you eat it out of an ice cream dish??! I made chili tonight and we also had it over rice. It helps to stretch out the meal so it lasts longer, with more leftovers.

    Also, FYI, here is the book Mum got me (its got a “limited preview” on google books, but a lot is there):


    • I was going to mention that too, yeah, if you have it with bread or rice or whatever it helps to stretch out the leftovers. 😉

      Anddd I don’t know! You know me, I am a nibbler. I probably had three bowls, but they were mini bowls. lol. I need better presentation dishes, white ones.

      thanks for the link!


  2. Posted by Jacquie on March 1, 2010 at 9:35 AM


    I have given you a Beautiful Blogger Award! Yay! See it here and then pass it to others…

    Have fun! ❤


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